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OYUNTUYA Oyunjargal, a Mongolian native residing in Germany, holds degrees in European Media Studies and Arts and Media Administration from various German institutions. In 2016, she was appointed Cultural Envoy of Mongolia to Germany by the Mongolian Foreign Ministry, in order to promote bilateral relations between the two countries in the fields of arts and culture, history, education and science, sports and society. Her career began in 2009, coordinating cultural projects at the IKM FU Berlin between China and Germany. In 2013, she founded the AMPMC NGO to foster civil society participation in Mongolia's cultural sector and to further develop artistic excellence, cultural exchange and sustainable international institutional cooperation.


Since 2015, she has organized and curated four Mongolian pavilions in collaboration with the NordArt International Art Exhibition and AMPMC NGO, showcasing 350 artworks by 120 Mongolian artists. She curates the fifth Mongolian Pavilion at the 25th NordArt from June 1st to October 6th, 2024, featuring 20 Mongolian contemporary artists. Oyuntuya collaborates on almost 60 projects, working with national and international entities to execute international projects.

Guest co-curator

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Gregor Jansen is the Director of Kunsthalle Düsseldorf since January 2010. Previously, he served as director of ZKM | Museum für Neue Kunst in Karlsruhe from 2005 to 2009. Gregor has curated numerous exhibitions globally, including recent ones in Brazil, Leipzig, Shanghai, and South Korea. He is also an author of lectures, essays on contemporary art, artist monographs, interviews, and exhibition catalogues.

He studied art history, architectural history, and philosophy at RWTH Aachen University and earned his doctorate in 1998 with a thesis on the topic “Eugen Schönebeck: A German Legend.” Since 1991 he had worked as a project manager, curator, art critic, and author, and taught visual studies and media theory at several universities in Germany and the Netherlands.

As director of Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, he envisions the institution as an open space addressing relevant aesthetic and sociopolitical issues through exhibitions, discursive and performative programs, and innovative formats. 

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