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“Discovering the Present from the Future”

The exhibition "Discovering the Present from the Future" by Ochirbold Ayurzana in the Mongolian Pavilion explores the profound levels of consciousness. These sculptures, inspired by the Buddhist deity Citipati (Mongolian: Durtoddagva), comprise over 300 parts such as limbs, joints, and a three-eyed skull serving as a reminders of the impermanence of life that fosters spiritual transformation and search for higher consciousness and enlightenment in Buddhism. Each joint bears the likeness of Citipati representative of the evolution towards divinity. The symbolism extends to the skull of a three-eyed deity with two-eyes for humans and one-eye possibly signifying hell. This amalgamation of skeletal elements prompts diverse interpretations ranging from enlightenment to political commentary.


In the postmodern age, the symbolism for Citipati can stand for the transition to the digital age as a guardian of technology or as a guardian of the environment pointing to global challenges imposed by climate change. Their floating movements visualise the fragile balance between nature and culture, and the human being. In collective dances, they symbolize bridge-builders between cultures, embodying the idea of global interconnectedness in the North and South, and collaboration in an increasingly intercultural world.


The artistic contribution explores profound levels of consciousness in a globalized world by analysing the shifts in behavioural nature of individuals and the society at large from various artistic perspectives. This exploration is unfolded through this new sculpture installation complemented by a depiction of the historic Citipati from artist’s own private collection and a series of three older sculptures installations titled "Discovering Consciousness". Visitors are actively engaged in exploring the theme of "Stranger within Myself" and are encouraged to interact and shape their own journeys of consciousness.


Culture and nature, both determine consciousness. "Discovering the Present from the Future" is the title of this exhibition depicting something amorphous with a completely natural infinity. The desire for total immersion in the forces of the elements and a unique landscape between heaven and earth compels us pause and be still. We humbly search for consciousness, for profound levels of awareness in the trifecta paradigm of nature, culture, and arts.


The perfect consciousness allows us to discover the present from the future. This is what we casually call history, the retrospective which many do not like to do because looking forward seems more important. So, let's look forward, to the horizon, the separation of earth and sky, to a visible and invisible counterpart. By merging Buddhist wisdom with modern approaches, Ochirbold Ayurzana aims to bridge the gap between the present and the future to foster thought-provoking insights and inspire individuals to explore the present through the lens of the future. Let's dance from the future into the present and try to understand the culture of Mongolia and Citipati deity that is protecting us.


Curators Oyuntuya Oyunjargal & Gregor Jansen

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